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Historically great companies have been formed during recessions. The one we're living ican be a unique opportunity for new, amazing companies to be founded
Aleksandra PinarBy Aleksandra Pinar • 7 min read
Yes, you can build a great remote culture and even raise your odds of success.
Stefan NageyBy Stefan Nagey • 8 min read
Setting up your company's bank account is a crucial first step in your startup journey.
Greg MiaskiewiczBy Greg Miaskiewicz • 5 min read
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Setting up a company on Capbase is super easy.
We are offering Capbase for free to all African American and Latinx founders. Our mission as a company is to democratize entrepreneurship and this is something we believe strongly in.
Greg MiaskiewiczBy Greg Miaskiewicz • 3 min read
50/50? 75/25? There isn't a right answer, but we've got the methodology down.
Stefan NageyBy Stefan Nagey • 8 min read

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