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Nancy Thanki

Updated 09 September 2021

Once you receive your stamped Articles of Incorporation from Delaware, you will be ready to move to the next step: getting your "Employee Identification Number" (EIN). This number allows you to setup your company's bank account and credit card(s).

You can apply for an EIN through the IRS website.

The application will prompt you through the following selections.

  1. Identify the legal structure:

    Your brand new Capbase entity is a Delaware C Corporation.

    Please note that if you incorporated on Capbase, "Started a new business" is likely applicable. But please select the one that suits your situation.

  2. Authenticate yourself:

    You will need to add your personal information including your SSN or ITIN. If you do not have either identifier, please reach out to us using the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this guide.

    If you are not a corporate officer, you will need to complete an additional form (SS-4) and follow the ensuing steps designating you as a person to receive an EIN on the taxpayer's behalf:

  3. Your physical address.

    You will need to include the physical location of your corporation. This may or may not be in Delaware.

    While the Capbase C Corporation's is located in Delaware as is the Registered Agent, that is not the address you will enter here.

  4. Corporation details:

    Much of this will come from your newly stamped Articles of Incorporation. Please be sure to note the differences between your physical location and where the corporation's AoI were filed.

  5. Confirmation:

    Choose how you'd like to receive the EIN letter (digital or by post) and confirm your details. The IRS recommends that you print a copy of this application for your records.

  6. After you receive your letter:

    Going to your Capbase dashboard and click on Compliance Calendar in the left sidebar. Then find and select "Employer Identification Number (EIN)" under "Upcoming Filings".

    There you will add your EIN number > upload the file > and complete the filing.

    This will ensure a copy is always easily found in your Capbase Document Room.

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask by clicking the small chat icon in the bottom right corner!

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