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Competition: How are you different from LTSE Equity?


Nancy Thanki

Updated 01 September 2022

LTSE Equity is strictly an equity management tool that helps to shape a company's ownership structure and plan future investments.

Much like Carta or Pulley, LTSE Equity doesn’t have the functionality necessary to help you get your startup off the ground. It doesn’t cover the incorporation process, employee onboarding, contract generation, or bank account setup. Capbase is a comprehensive solution that covers the cap table management functionality and all of the above.

For early stage companies, there is limited functionality on LTSE Equity beyond a visual representation of your cap table.

In reality, LTSE Equity is not far off from being a shared spreadsheet where you manually enter data from equity contracts and investment agreements to generate a cap table. The process is cumbersome, manual, and error-prone.

Capbase renders the old way of doing cap table management obsolete. We automatically update your document room and cap table in real-time as you issue shares, sign contracts, and raise money from investors, effectively eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Moreover, Capbase is not a silo for contracts or cap table data -- we use the data to build API integrations to save founders time and money. You can use our partner integrations to set up a bank account, payroll, business insurance, and more.

Learn more about our features, check out our FAQs, and see our blog for more information.

Get in touch to learn more about Capbase or schedule a call to setup your brand new Delaware C Corp on Capbase! Do you already have a company incorporated elsewhere? Not a problem, send us a bit more info and we'll chat more about your specific needs!

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