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Legal Questions: Can you help me convert my company into a US C Corporation?


Nancy Thanki

Updated 01 September 2022

Get in touch with us to begin the "Delaware Flip" process of converting your home jurisdiction's corporation to a Delaware C Corporation.

In most cases, the following is how each step will work:

  1. A brand new Delaware C corporation and a board of directors are both established.

  2. The shareholders of the existing non-US company exchange their ownership stake in the older company for a similar stake in the newly formed Delaware corporation.

  3. You will put in place a contract for the transfer of assets in order to move any assets from the previous company to the new Delaware-based company.

  4. Subsequent grants of share ownership and option grants are executed through the newly formed Delaware corporation.

You are going to need to consult a lawyer and/or an accountant in your home jurisdiction before beginning the process. This is necessary so that you can work through any legal or tax issues that may arise as a result of the local laws and tax regulations. At first glance, it may appear to be relatively straightforward; however, the process can sometimes involve tax complications and issues with local jurisdictions. If you are unsure how to begin this process, we are able to help connect you with resources that can assist you.

Learn more about how to turn your non-US company into a Delaware C Corp through a “Delaware Flip”.

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Get in touch to learn more about Capbase or schedule a call to setup your brand new Delaware C Corp on Capbase! Do you already have a company incorporated elsewhere? Not a problem, send us a bit more info and we'll chat more about your specific needs!

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