Product Questions - Functionality: What perks do I get with my Capbase subscription?


Nancy Thanki

Updated 06 March 2021

Every Capbase customer is eligible for a package of perks from Capbase partners that are designed to help you save you time & money as you get your startup off the ground.

At this moment, the full list of Capbase perks include:

  • Bench - $350 credit

  • Ramp - $500 bonus (after $1000 of spend)

  • AWS - up to $5K in credits

  • Deel - 30% off SaaS fees for the first year

  • Mercury - bank account creation

  • Vouch - up to 25% discount on business insurance

  • Pilot - $200 off first year sign up

  • Brex - 25,000 points in statement credit after $1000 spent

  • Embroker - 10% off on D&O, EPLI, E&O, and cyber insurance

Learn more about our features, check out our FAQ, and read our blog for more information.

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