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Product Questions - Integrations: What services does Capbase integrate with?


Nancy Thanki

Updated 01 September 2022

Capbase offers a series of API integrations that are designed to help you start and run your company in a quick and painless manner. We are constantly building new integrations to help founders run their companies efficiently, from corporate credit cards to software productivity tools.

As of now, Capbase offers the following integrations:

  • Mercury - our integration with Mercury allows founders to sign up for a new company bank account in only a few minutes. You can connect your bank account to Capbase to accept payments for equity and investments. This integration is powered through the Plaid SDK, to securely route payments into your corporate bank account.

  • Google Workspace - Google Workspace (formally known as G Suite), has been integrated into our platform. This means that you can automatically onboard and off-board team members to GMail and your GSuite subscription.

  • Gusto - our integration with Gusto allows companies to onboard their employees quickly and correctly on the first day. We handle the stock options and offer letters, while Gusto handles the employee benefits administration.

  • Slack - Slack allows you to onboard your new employees into your company's communication flow quickly on the first day. They will be prompted to set up an account so they can meet their new colleagues, trade their favorite GIFs, and ensure that they're on the same page from day one.

  • Github - Our integration with Github onboards your newest employees by connecting their Github profile into your company's repositories to get up to speed quickly from day one.

Outside of these API integrations, Capbase has partnerships with several other companies as well as discount offers for services you will need to get your startup off the ground.

Learn more about our features, check out our FAQs, and see our blog for more information.

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