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Support - Non-Disclosure Agreements: How do I accept or sign an NDA that was sent to me via Capbase?


Diana Trujillo

Updated 02 April 2024

Step 1. Go to your email inbox and click on "Accept invite":

Step 2. You'll see the document that was sent to you. You can click on the "Preview" button to read it before signing:

Step 3. Accept your invitation by entering your name, email address and a password for your account:

Having a Capbase account will allow you to access your signed documents at any time!

Step 4. Confirm your email by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email inbox:

Step 5. Complete NDA by providing your personal information to be added to the signature fields:

Step 6. Confirm details before proceeding:

Step 7. Preview NDA before signing. Once ready, click on "Sign documents":

Step 8: Draw or type in your signature. Click on "Sign 1 document":

Step 9. See the confirmation page once you have successfully signed the document. You'll click on "Download the document" to download a copy as a PDF immediately. Click on "continue" to access the dashboard:

Step 10. On your Dashboard, you'll see all documents signed. You can download them at any time you wish:

Step 11: Consult the status of your NDAs and/or send out your first NDA using Capbase's free NDA tool!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team through live chat or via email at

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