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Support - Non-Disclosure Agreements: How do I send an NDA using Capbase?


Diana Trujillo

Updated 02 April 2024

This tool will allow you to create a new non-disclosure agreement or "NDA" between your company and any individual or company. You can create, sign, and manage these documents directly on Capbase.

Once you sign this document, the recipient will get an invitation to log in and sign, and you will both have access to the signed document through the dashboard.

Step 1. Go to your Capbase Dashboard > NDA. This is the standard view where you can see any previously sent NDAs, their status and effective date.

Click on "Send NDA" at the top right corner:

Step 2. Select what type of NDA you would like to send: Mutual non-disclosure agreement or a standard (unilateral) NDA.

A standard NDA allows the sender to share sensitive information with the recipient, and the recipient agrees not to disclose that information to other parties.

A mutual NDA allows both parties to share information with each other and both parties agree to keep the information that has been shared confidential between them.

Step 3. Select what type of recipient you want to send the NDA to, and enter their name and email:

Step 4: Preview and sign NDA from your end. Once you do, the recipient will get an email with an invitation link to review and sign from their end.

Step 5: Draw or type your signature. Click on "Sign 1 Document":

Step 6: You'll see a confirmation message that the NDA has been sent successfully:

Step 7: You can check the status of the NDA back on the Capbase Dashboard > NDA. Once this has been signed, the status will show up as "Active":

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team through live chat or via email at

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