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Support - Getting Started: How do I set up a company bank account?


Diana Trujillo

Updated 09 September 2022

You'll need a company account in order to purchase shares in your corporation and receive funds from future investors.

If you do not have a company account yet, you can quickly and easily open a new one with Mercury, an online banking solution that specifically works with startups and tech companies. Our partnership with Mercury allows you to open a bank account that is digitally integrated with your Capbase Dashboard in a matter of minutes. Click on the “Set up your bank account” button to start.

*Important note*: In order to open a bank account for your new company, you will need to provide an official EIN number and EIN Verification Letter (147C).

Do you already have a company bank account? You can also connect it with Capbase using Plaid, our secure intermediary of choice. Click on the “Connect your company account with Plaid” button to start.

Select your bank from the list or use the search box:

Then, enter your credentials to retrieve the account's information:

Once the account has been successfully connected, you'll see this message:

You’ll also need to add your company’s bank account wire information by clicking on the Add Information button.

You'll be asked to provide the name of your beneficiary bank, account number, routing number, SWIFT code, branch name, and branch address. You can visit your bank’s website or branch to get this information.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team through live chat or via email at

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