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Support - Fundraising 101: How do I send a SAFE?


Diana Trujillo

Updated 10 August 2022

  • If you haven't opened a fundraising round yet, please visit this article to learn how to do this from your Capbase Dashboard.

  • If you haven't added investors to your round yet, please visit this article to learn how to do this from your Capbase Dashboard.

Are you ready to send out a SAFE to your investor? You'll go to your Capbase Dashboard > Fundraising > Current round > and click on the Raise Funds button next to the investor name:

If your current round allows raising funds using both SAFEs and Convertible notes, you'll need to choose which instrument you'll be using to raise funds for this particular investor. If you only chose to raise funds using one of these instruments, then you'll only be able to see one option listed.

After you click on Next, you'll be prompted to enter the investment amount and post-money valuation cap. We also offer the option to switch to the old version of the SAFE, which used the pre-money valuation instead.

You can also add a discount or MFN status if you wish, but you're not required to do so. To learn more about these terms, please visit this article on our blog.

Please note that the SAFE formats used in Capbase are taken directly from the Y-Combinator's website. This means that the SAFEs getting created will be using the exact standardized language that has been used industry-wide, and it won't be edited except for the details you'll be entering in these next steps.

Once you click Next, you'll be able to see exactly how this information will be reflected in your cap table once you reach a priced round.

Please be sure to review the information entered before clicking on the Send for Signature button. Once you click here, the investor will receive an email from Capbase inviting them to create an account and confirm the details of the investment.

The investor will then be prompted to sign the SAFE and be presented with the wire transfer details of your company account so that they can send the funds directly to you.

You'll be able to see exactly when the SAFE has been signed by the investor from your Document Room page and when the funds arrive at your company account from your Bank Account page.

We've also created a video tutorial of this process.

You can also learn a bit more about how Capbase can automatically update your cap table.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team through live chat or via email at

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