Automated cap table management for your startup

Time to say goodbye to manual error prone data entry. On Capbase, your cap table and corporate records are automatically populated as you award stock to your employees and advisers, and sign investment term sheets.
manage your cap table
Rami Abdou


@CapbaseInc is literally AMAZING. Navigating the legal landscape with startups is ridiculously confusing and draining. But, @Acekid98 and I are about to issue our first SAFE agreements for our Family and Friends round through Capbase. Life is beautiful right now.

Manage your equity as your startup scales (from incorporation to IPO)

Generating and maintaining records of your company's ownership shouldn't be complicated and require lawyers and a CFO. Your records will always be up-to-date on Capbase as you share equity with shareholders and investors.
Contract Generation

Generate and customize standard legal documentation for founders and employees: (option awards, advisory agreements, and early stage investment agreements)

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Sign contracts electronically on our platform

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Payment Processing

Online banking and payment processing powered by our API integrations

Cap Table Management

Get real-time updates on your cap table structure

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Due Diligence

Get your documentation organized in one easily accessible place, ready for future review & due diligence

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