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We built an investor CRM for you to run a tight fundraising process for your startup, including a Chrome extension for investor research. When you issue SAFEs + convertible notes on Capbase, your document room and cap table are automatically updated as you raise money.

The whole deal process runs smoothly for both the investor and the founders on Capbase - our products deals with the signature blocks, signing contracts and processes the wire transfers. When you’re done, your cap table and doc room are up to date, in real-time.

Yes, you can generate the necessary legal contracts and issue shares and stock options to hire employees and contractors. Additionally, thanks to our integration with Gusto and Deel partnership, you can also onboard your employees easily and handle the payroll processing.

Yes. Capbase is fully equipped to issue shares to advisors. In addition, we generate advisory agreements which means we have you covered on the contract side.

Yes. Specifically, you can set a different cliff and total vesting time for each founder’s equity grant. You can also choose to award a percentage of the founder equity up front, where these shares will not be subject to vesting.

Currently, Capbase offers following integrations:

  • Mercury - our integration with Mercury allows founders to sign up for a new company bank account in only a few minutes. You can connect your bank account to Capbase to accept payments for equity and investments. This integration is powered through the Plaid SDK, to securely route payments into your corporate bank account.

  • Google Workspace - Google Workspace (formally known as G Suite), has been integrated into our platform. This means that you can automatically onboard and off-board team members to GMail and your GSuite subscription.

  • Gusto - our integration with Gusto allows companies to onboard their employees quickly and correctly on the first day. We handle the stock options and offer letters, while Gusto handles the employee benefits administration.

  • Slack - Slack allows you to onboard your new employees into your company's communication flow quickly on the first day. They will be prompted to set up an account so they can meet their new colleagues, trade their favorite GIFs, and ensure that they're on the same page from day one.

  • Github - Our integration with Github onboards your newest employees by connecting their Github profile into your company's repositories to get up to speed quickly from day one.


Our price is set for early-stage companies. As your business grows in capability and fundraising, our product grows with you and our pricing will match that. New pricing tiers will be introduced over time to address startups' needs as they grow.

Every user subscribed to Capbase is eligible for a series of perks that are designed to help you get your startup off the ground quickly and save founders’ time and money.

At this moment, the full list of Capbase perks include:

  • Bench - $350 credit

  • Ramp - $500 bonus (after $1000 of spend)

  • AWS - up to $5K in credits

  • Deel - 30% off SaaS fees for the first year

  • Mercury - bank account creation

  • Vouch - up to 25% discount on business insurance

  • Pilot - $200 off first year sign up

  • Brex - 25,000 points in statement credit after $1000 spent

  • Embroker - 10% off on D&O, EPLI, E&O, and cyber insurance

Yes, the Delaware incorporation filing fee is included with your Capbase subscription.

Other options help you to incorporate your company and generate some legal documentation. Capbase can do all of those things as well, but is not a silo for contracts or cap table data. We automatically update your cap table and populate your document room whenever you sign a contract or raise money, thus eliminating the error-prone manual data entry.

Other cap table vendors represent the old and error-prone way of cap table management, where you have to manually enter data from contracts to generate a visualization of cap table. By contrast, Capbase automatically updates your document room and cap table in real-time and instead of siloing your data we use it to build API integrations to save founder time and money.


Yes, contact us to get started with a “Delaware Flip” from your home jurisdiction to a Delaware C Corporation.

Yes, our platform generates 83(b) elections for founder's share purchases as well as any employees' and advisors' early exercise of stock options or receiving restricted share grants.

No and here is why:

Capbase handles all of the documentation and compliance needed to establish a Delaware corporation for you.

Starting as an LLC and converting to a C-corp later may have negative financial consequences in the event of a sale of the company.

Yes and no. We are the registered agent in the state Delaware for companies that are built on our platform. This means that we have a physical presence on your behalf in Delaware to receive mail and make state filings on your behalf. So long as a customer is on our platform, they will not require any additional services (and suffer ongoing fees) that meet the registered agent requirements.

If you use another service to incorporate your company, you will have to pay an annual fee to keep your company compliant by having a registered agent to receive mail on your behalf in Delaware.

Unfortunately no, we only support Delaware C Corporations, but there is a good reason for that. They are by far the most preferred entity for startup investors.

Delaware C-Corp is the preferred entity for startup investors, because of founder-friendly state laws and easy company registering procedure. Additionally Delaware has an efficient corporate court system for resolving shareholder and investor disputes.

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