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Frequently asked questions



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How can I use Capbase to streamline my fundraising process?
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Can I use Capbase to hire an employee or contractor?
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Can I use Capbase to hire an advisor?
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Do you support different vesting schedules for each founder?
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Do you support already formed companies?
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What services does Capbase integrate with?

Currently, Capbase offers following integrations:

  • Mercury and Brex - our integration with Mercury and Brex allows founders to sign up for a new company bank account in only a few minutes. You can connect your bank account to Capbase to accept payments for equity and investments. This integration is powered through the Plaid SDK, to securely route payments into your corporate bank account.

  • Google Workspace - Google Workspace (formally known as G Suite), has been integrated into our platform. This means that you can automatically onboard and off-board team members to GMail and your GSuite subscription.

  • Gusto - our integration with Gusto allows companies to onboard their employees quickly and correctly on the first day. We handle the stock options and offer letters, while Gusto handles the employee benefits administration.

  • Slack - Slack allows you to onboard your new employees into your company's communication flow quickly on the first day. They will be prompted to set up an account so they can meet their new colleagues, trade their favorite GIFs, and ensure that they're on the same page from day one.

  • Github - Our integration with Github onboards your newest employees by connecting their Github profile into your company's repositories to get up to speed quickly from day one.


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When will my costs for Capbase go up?
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What perks do I get with my Capbase subscription?

Every user subscribed to Capbase is eligible for a series of perks that are designed to help you get your startup off the ground quickly and save founders’ time and money.

At this moment, the full list of Capbase perks include:

  • For payroll: 30% off SaaS fees for the first year when using Deel for payroll & compliance

  • For insurance: Save up to 25% on business insurance for your startup with Vouch

  • For bookkeeping: 30% off for the first 3 months of bookkeeping with Bench

  • For bookkeeping: Capbase companies get $200 off Pilot first year of sign up

  • For cloud computing: As a Capbase customer, you are eligible for up to $5K in AWS credits

  • For spend management: Scale faster with deposits, payments, credit cards, and spend management all in one place. Capbase customers earn up to 30,000 points ($300 value) after signing up for Brex.

  • For banking: Get $250 cash when you spend $10K on your debit card within 180 days on Mercury.

  • And many more, like Gsuite, Relay, Neotax, Republic, Launch, Mainstreet, Arc, Savvy, Ramp, Growrk, Embroker, Remote, Airbase, Finmark, Pry, Zendesk, ReactBricks and Simple 409a.

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Are filing fees included in my Capbase subscription?

Yes, the Delaware incorporation filing fee is included with your Capbase subscription.

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How are you different from other companies that provide incorporation?

Other options help you to incorporate your company and generate some legal documentation. Capbase can do all of those things as well, but is not a silo for contracts or cap table data. We automatically update your cap table and populate your document room whenever you sign a contract or raise money, thus eliminating the error-prone manual data entry.

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How is Capbase different from other cap table vendors?

Other cap table vendors represent the old and error-prone way of cap table management, where you have to manually enter data from contracts to generate a visualization of cap table. By contrast, Capbase automatically updates your document room and cap table in real-time and instead of siloing your data we use it to build API integrations to save founder time and money.

Additionally, while other vendors have varying price points, Capbase's early-stage tier still only costs $999 per year while offering the same features as the highest tiers from other vendors.


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Can I convert a foreign company into a US C Corporation?
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Do you help founders with filing 83(b) elections?
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Do you support LLCs?

No and here is why:

  • Because corporations need additional paperwork and a more formal structure, some founders might think LLCs are simpler than corporations. Fortunately, Capbase takes care of all the paperwork and compliance requirements involved in forming a Delaware corporation for you.

  • Lawyers, prospective business partners, and potential acquirers for your startup all have a solid understanding of the Delaware General Corporation Law.

The general rule is that you should incorporate as a C-Corp in Delaware as soon as possible if you anticipate needing to do so at some point in the future. From previous experience, conversion from LLC is far more expensive than initial incorporation.

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Do I need a separate registered agent?

Capbase is the registered agent in the state of Delaware for companies that are built on our platform. This means that we have a physical presence on your behalf in Delaware to receive mail and make state filings on your behalf. So long as a customer is on our platform, they will not require any additional services (and suffer ongoing fees) to meet the registered agent requirements.

Alternatively, if you use a lawyer or another service to incorporate your company, you will be required to pay an annual fee to maintain compliance by having a registered agent in Delaware to accept mail on your behalf.

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Can you incorporate me in a state besides Delaware?
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Why should I use a Delaware C Corporation?

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