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Elad Gil

Entrepreneur, author 
& angel investor


Kevin Mahaffey

Former partner 
at YCombinator


Raymond Kurzweil

Legendary futurist 
& angel investor


Naval Ravikant

of AngelList


How do you pick the companies participating in Capbase Connect?

Any Capbase customer is welcome to apply to participate in Capbase Connect. We select companies based on the strength of their pitch, the market opportunity they’re pursuing, and the progress their company has made to date.

At what stage are the companies in Capbase Connect?

Companies in Capbase Connect are startups, mostly between pre-seed and Series A. Almost all of them have a product in the market and many are generating some revenue.

Does Capbase Connect get a fee from startups or investors?

Nope. Neither investors nor companies are charged any fees for participating in Capbase Connect.

What is the minimum check size?

Capbase is happy to meet investors where they’re at. But for the purposes of Capbase Connect, we’re keeping minimum check size at $5,000.