How Startups
Issue Stoc

We automate and streamline your legal paperwork to free up time and capital so you focus on your startup.

Built by founders for founders to streamline your growth from incorporation to exit

Incorporate your company

We'll make sure your C Corp is investment-grade and ready for you in a couple of days.

Set up your board

Capbase sets up your board of directors and stock plan after you incorporate

Purchase founder shares

Buy your founders shares and lock in preferential tax treatment for your equity.

Register to do business in your home state

Complete foreign agent qualification for your corporation to make your business operating legally in your home state.

Setup company bank account

Get your company bank account. Using our API integration with Mercury, it only takes a few minutes to setup your business bank account.

Issue shares to a contractor

Hire a contract designer for sweat equity, turns out you can turn 2,000 shares into an amazing logo!

Build a board of advisors

Issue advisory agreements and equity to your advisors—you'll need their help as you're getting the company off the ground.

Hire your first employees

Send offer letters and issue equity using Capbase. With API integrations, we make it easy to setup payroll and benefits for your staff, too.

Find your first investors

With our Chrome extension, it's easy to build your investor funnel as you research on LinkedIn and Angel List.

Manage your cap table

When you execute a contract for equity, whether it is a stock option agreement or a convertible note, your cap table is updated in real time.

Manage your contracts and government filings

When you execute employment contracts, issue equity or file an annual compliance filing with the state, your document room is automatically populated.

Effortless due diligence

Using Capbase, you can securely share documents to potential investors and acquirers for review in due diligence.

The modern way to run your company

Sign contracts, accept payments for equity, and track ownership, all in one platform

Capbase replaces several manual, siloed processes with easy to use software.

Manage your equity compensation plan for your startup without a CFO or lawyer

Issue and sell stock options to your employees and allocate shares for future growth.

API integrations to power your business

Our API integration with Mercury streamlines bank account setup, so you can get your business bank account up and running in minutes. Payroll, benefits & business insurance coming soon.

Automated cap table management

Say goodbye to manual, error-prone data-entry. Your cap table is automatically populated as you issue shares to employees and execute fundraising deals.

Ready to get started?

Creating a company on Capbase is as easy as filling out a few forms.