A complete startup manager for running your company

Everything you need from incorporation to Series A financing for a simple flat fee

A Rock-Solid Foundation for Your Startup

Run your company using standardized, vetted legal agreements and put your equity on solid footing. Worry about your customers instead of your cap table.

Incorporation & Company Setup
Register your business as a Delaware C Corp.
Employee Stock Plan
Issue and sell stock options to your employees.
Compliance Alerts
Our compliance calendar will automatically notify you when regulatory & tax forms must be delivered to state & federal officials.
Cap Table Management
Visualize, export and model your cap table without manually entering any data or forms

Find Investors & Raise Funds

Use our tools to find prospective investors & ask for intros. Then manage your contacts with investors as you move them from prospects to term sheets. Execute financing agreements and wire transfers using our digital fundraising portal.

Investor CRM

Find investors in your network & manage your relationships using our investor CRM.

Fundraising Portal

Digitally sign term sheets & receive wire transfers from investors

Document search

Simple Due Diligence & Investor Relations

Share financial information and corporate data safely with your prospective investors & shareholders. Privacy & access controls allow you to stay in control of who sees your startup's data.

One click document export

Export your financial documents & corporate paperwork for investor and acquisition due diligence at the click of a button.

Privacy controls

Access controls & export features for safely sharing data with investors, lawyers & partners.

Capbase on iPad

Access Your Dashboard — Anywhere, Anytime

Use our Android, iPhone and iPad apps to manage your company while on the go, from any of your devices.

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