How to Start a Startup

Starting a company is one of the most exciting and challenging things you will do in your life — take it from us, we’ve done it more than once. Here we put together a comprehensive guide explaining the entire process of incorporation and the necessary steps you have to take after you set up your corporation.

Part 1

Before You Incorporate

what should you do before incorporation

Make sure you know everything you need to set up your company the right way.

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Part 2

After You Incorporate


You've incorporated your company. Now what?

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Part 1

Before You Incorporate

Incorporating your startup with the right business structure now will save you major headaches later on—and set you up to start managing equity and raising funds ASAP.

Ready to start the incorporation process?

Part 2

After You Incorporate

Congratulations! You have a Delaware C-corp. The world is your oyster. Now what? Get the essential next steps for new corporations, including equity management.

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