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Practical tips for founders who are building their startups and scaling their companies, covering topics such as startup equity, fundraising, company compliance and growth strategies to acquire customers. Learn how to build and grow your company the right way with time-tested advice from founders and operators in Silicon Valley.
We cover some of the important steps founders will need to take after incorporating their startup, like 83(b) elections, getting an EIN, opening a bank account & more.
Stefan NageyBy Stefan Nagey • 4 min read
Co-founder exits can be a messy ordeal for startups, but they don't have to be fatal. Learn how to avoid messy co-founder exits and protect your startup.
Stefan NageyBy Stefan Nagey • 4 min read
Avoid these common legal mistakes made by startups and save your company from dealing with fines and lawsuits. As a startup founder, keeping your company compliant is essential to protecting the value of your startup equity and reaping the rewards of your hard work.
Greg MiaskiewiczBy Greg Miaskiewicz • 7 min read
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Learn about the different US visas for startup founders. Immigration visas such as the E-1, E-2, EB-5, L-1 and O-1 allow founders to live and work in the US while building their startups.
Greg MiaskiewiczBy Greg Miaskiewicz • 3 min read
Historically great companies have been formed during recessions. The one we're living ican be a unique opportunity for new, amazing companies to be founded
Stefan NageyBy Stefan Nagey • 7 min read
Learn common mistakes to avoid when pitching your startup to investors.
James HottensenBy James Hottensen • 7 min read
Startup Foundations Podcast by Capbase. The Startup Foundations is a podcast where we talk to founders and entrepreneurs who have launched startups
Greg MiaskiewiczBy Greg Miaskiewicz • 2 min read
Accelerators can play a huge part in your startup's growth. Here's how to choose the right accelerator for your startup.
James HottensenBy James Hottensen • 7 min read
What is the right capital source for your startup? Learn about the different types of startup capital, such as venture capital, venture debt and non-dilutive funding.
Greg MiaskiewiczBy Greg Miaskiewicz • 5 min read
Twitter is an amazing platform for fundraising outreach when used effectively. Read this article and learn how to connect with investors on Twitter
James HottensenBy James Hottensen • 7 min read
No-code development explained. Using no-code tools, you can go from idea to a fully-fledged product in less time than it would take you to find a technical co-founder... and for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing your development work.
Capbase StaffBy Capbase Staff • 7 min read
Learn about how to build a great remote team at your startup. Transparency, open communication and other important values for collaborating across timezones.
Stefan NageyBy Stefan Nagey • 8 min read
Before you seek VC funding for your startup, you should know what venture capital firms are looking for when deciding to invest in a startup.
James HottensenBy James Hottensen • 7 min read

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