Built by founders for founders


We built Capbase to help founders grow and succeed


We aim to simplify and streamline archaic processes


We enable entrepreneurs to run startups from their phones


We wonder how founders managed to start companies at all before Capbase


We are a team of designers, engineers, and business professionals spread across 6 time zones on 3 continents united by our passion for dogs, coffee, and great software.
Greg MiaskiewiczGreg MiaskiewiczCEO/Co-Founder
Stefan NageyStefan NageyCo-Founder
Vlad KhomutovVlad KhomutovHead of Design
Hussain ThajutheenHussain ThajutheenSenior Software Engineer
Sadaf KhanSadaf KhanSenior Software Engineer
Prashant BelladPrashant BelladQuality Assurance
Mehmood DeshmukhMehmood DeshmukhEngineering Lead
Nika GogeshviliNika GogeshviliSenior Software Engineer
Mateusz KMateusz KSenior Software Engineer
James HottensenJames HottensenBusiness Development & Partnerships
Iva RasicaIva RasicaProject Manager
Justyna SzklarskaJustyna SzklarskaGraphic Designer
Hanan MehmoodHanan MehmoodSoftware Engineer
Miguel NetoMiguel NetoSoftware Engineer
Sujit IndavarapuSujit IndavarapuPaid Ads Manager
Nancy ThankiNancy ThankiCustomer Experience Manager
Michał KowalewskiMichał KowalewskiCopywriter
Andra CimpanAndra CimpanProduct Designer
Natalia PospieszyńskaNatalia PospieszyńskaSoftware Engineer
Kasia ZielińskaKasia ZielińskaUI Designer & Developer
Beth ZhaoBeth ZhaoLegal Researcher & Writer
Tejes SrivalsanTejes SrivalsanIntern
Bryce WarnesBryce WarnesCopywriter
Veena Madhuri DVeena Madhuri DQA Automation Engineer
Hamza ShahidHamza ShahidSoftware Engineer
Tessa SchwarzTessa SchwarzLegal Assistant & Customer Filing Specialist
Sibtain AliSibtain AliSenior Software Engineer
Hafiz Muhammad AnasHafiz Muhammad AnasFull Stack Developer
Kamila SnochowskaKamila SnochowskaSales and Partnerships Lead
Hassan MehdiHassan MehdiSoftware Engineer
Diana TrujilloDiana TrujilloCustomer Success Manager

Dog Team

We are a team of doggos, puppers, good bois, and girls.
CleoCleoPawject Manager
Gr0g d0gGr0g d0gCapbase HQ Security
KaziKaziPuplic Relations
KarmaKarmaBellyrubs Receivable
OtisOtisDirector of Fashion
Matilda (with Otis)Matilda (with Otis)Head of Wellness & Relaxation
Gaja and HadesGaja and HadesBarketing Executive, and Dogital Designer
ShadowShadowDirector of Outreach
MDF BarkusMDF BarkusBork-End Developer
HayateHayateForestOps Engineer
EmmaEmmaChief Woofing Officer

Our company culture

We drink about 30 cups of coffee per day
We love dogs and want you to love them too
We go the extra mile for our customers
We never stop optimizing for the best results

Investors & Advisors

Some of the Silicon Valley’s most prominent and visionary minds have invested in Capbase because they support our vision of transforming the founder experience and democratizing entrepreneurship.
Jude GomilaJude GomilaHeyZap
Kevin MahaffeyKevin MahaffeyLookout
Andy BoszhardtAndy BoszhardtGreat Oaks VC
Andrew MiklasAndrew MiklasS28, Pagerduty
Raj SandhuRaj SandhuInvestor
Martin RingleinMartin RingleinEventBrite
Jason HrehaJason HrehaWalmart

And many more angel investors and founders from Silicon Valley!

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