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Learn how to incorporate your startup as a corporation and the advantages of using a Delaware C Corporation for your startup company. Capbase simplifies the process of incorporating your company in Delaware, issuing equity to employees, advisors and founders, and keeping your company in compliance with Delaware reporting and tax requirements. Topics covered include: How many shares should a startup company authorize when incorporating? Why do startups registered in Delaware? When is the right time to incorporate? What are the duties of a board director in a Delaware corporation?

How To Register a US company from Nigeria

In this article we cover the What, Why, and How To's of registering a US business from Nigeria

Stefan Nageyby Stefan Nagey • 10 min read

How To Check If Your Startup’s Name Is Available Using Delaware’s Name Search

Make sure the name you want to use for your startup is unique. Use this guide to learn more about corporate name registration in Delaware.

Jason D. Rowleyby Jason D. Rowley • 9 min read

Pre-Incorporation Checklist: 6 Steps Before Startup Incorporation

We cover all the important steps founders should take before incorporating their startup: choosing business entity, state of incorporation, name, board of directors, splitting equity between founders & more.

Michał Kowalewskiby Michał Kowalewski • 10 min read
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Guide To Startup Incorporation Documents

Corporations are paperwork, my friends. Learn about bylaws, board resolutions, stock plans, CIIAAs, and more.

Beth Zhaoby Beth Zhao • 13 min read

How To Register A US Business From Latin America

Startups from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and other Latin American countries can access opportunities in the US by registering a business here. This guide covers corporate structure, incorporation, fees, taxes, and more.

Stefan Nageyby Stefan Nagey • 9 min read

Startup Tax Compliance: What Founders Need To Know

A brief but comprehensive overview of startup taxes and compliance.

Jason D. Rowleyby Jason D. Rowley • 11 min read

Why You Shouldn’t Incorporate Your Company in Texas

Texas might seem like a great place to start a company, but it's not where you should incorporate. Here's why Delaware is better.

Beth Zhaoby Beth Zhao • 8 min read

How To Register A US Company From Canada In 10 Minutes

In this article we cover the What, Why, and How To's of registering a US business from Canada

Michał Kowalewskiby Michał Kowalewski • 10 min read

How Your Incorporation Decision Can Save Or Cost You Millions In Taxes

When it comes to the question of C Corp vs LLC, remember QSBS.

Jason D. Rowleyby Jason D. Rowley • 12 min read

Why European Startups Register in the US

Learn why European founders don't stay in their home jurisdictions and register their startups in Delaware.

Greg Miaskiewiczby Greg Miaskiewicz • 5 min read

Delaware Flip: How to turn your non-US startup into a Delaware C Corp

Find out how to turn a company incorporated outside of the USA into a fully operational Delaware C Corporations.

Capbase Staffby Capbase Staff • 10 min read

How to Register a US Company from the UK in 10 Minutes

These are the steps founders based in the UK need to take to form a corporation in the US.

Capbase Staffby Capbase Staff • 7 min read

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