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Startup Finance

We cover startup finance topics including accounting & bookkeeping for startups, financial models, startup banking, fundraising dilution and more. Learn how to manage your company finances as you scale your business from your first customers to the growth stage. Founders can extend their startup's runway by effectively managing their company's spend, incentivizing key employees with equity instead of high salaries, and getting R&D tax credits to subsidize the cost of product development.

Startup Acquisition: What Happens to the Stock When You Sell Your Company

Explore the complexities of startup stock during acquisitions with this guide, detailing types of deals, legal and tax implications, and strategic insights for stakeholders.

Liquidation preference: A Guide For Startup Founders

In this article we dig deeper into liquidation preference in startup deals - how can it impact the shareholders and founders during a liquidity event.

Stefan Nageyby Stefan Nagey • 7 min read

What is a down round in startup financing?

Find out what is a down round, why they happen, what its implications are for a startup, what are the anti-dilution provisions, and what are alternative routes you can take to avoid a down round.

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Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Valuation Explained

A beginner’s-level introduction to pre and post-money valuation tailored to startups incorporated in the United States.

Greg Miaskiewiczby Greg Miaskiewicz • 7 min read

What is a 409A Valuation? Startup Stock Valuation Explained

409A valuations are independent appraisals of a startup's common stock. Startups should use an independent, outside valuation firm to get a 409A valuation before offering stock options to employees to avoid fines and legal issues with the IRS.

Greg Miaskiewiczby Greg Miaskiewicz • 9 min read

How to Invest Your Own Money into Your Startup

Startup founders inevitably cover some of the costs of getting started out of pocket. Learn how you can stay above board if you reimburse yourself for corporate expenses and invest money into your own company.

Greg Miaskiewiczby Greg Miaskiewicz • 4 min read

How To Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) For Your Startup

An employer identification number or EIN is essential to doing business and you will need to get an EIN for your startup before opening a bank account, paying taxes or hiring employees.

Stefan Nageyby Stefan Nagey • 7 min read

How To Prepare Your Startup For Due Diligence

A breakdown of the due diligence process for startups, from early stage fundraising to acquisitions. Learn how to breeze through due diligence and close your financing deals quickly.

Stefan Nageyby Stefan Nagey • 7 min read

Setting Up A Bank Account for Your Startup

Learn why you should setup a bank account for your business and what you should think about when choosing the right banking partner for your startup.

Greg Miaskiewiczby Greg Miaskiewicz • 5 min read

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