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Stefan Nagey

Serial entrepreneur engineering & business leader who co-founded and led to a $14M Series A financing. Years of experience leading teams & building scaleable, secure software systems.
Delaware Annual Franchise tax explained for startup founders in about 5 minutes.
By Stefan Nagey • 6 min read
Everything you need to know about filing your Section 83b election—and saving tax money.
By Stefan Nagey • 7 min read
A bird's eye view of the different types of compensation for startup founders and employees.
By Stefan Nagey • 8 min read
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A step-by-step guide to file for a foreign agent qualification in California.
By Stefan Nagey • 7 min read
While there isn't a fixed number of shares to authorize on incorporation, there's definitely a sweet spot.
By Stefan Nagey • 7 min read
50/50? 75/25? There isn't a right answer, but we've got the methodology down.
By Stefan Nagey • 8 min read
Just getting your startup incorporated? Find out how to price your initial stock and get back to your product in a few minutes.
By Stefan Nagey • 8 min read
Should your next funding round be priced or unpriced?
By Stefan Nagey • 9 min read
Understanding "Amazon Laws" (aka on-line sales nexus limits) and the tax obligations they may trigger for your startup.
By Stefan Nagey • 4 min read
If you're focused on growing your business quickly and attracting venture capital, you should incorporate soon.
By Stefan Nagey • 5 min read

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