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About This Episode:

Aditi discusses how she developed the idea for Zeta and how the app stands out from other financial management tools for couples.

Aditi shares some information about her background, what inspired her to get into the personal finance space, and how she validated her startup idea before beginning work on the Zeta app. She also chats about how she decided to work with her co-founder Kevin Hopkins.

Zeta took an unconventional approach when first starting out. Instead of building the app first, Aditi built a basic landing page and launched on Product Hunt to capture email addresses from interested users…. without an actual product ready first. By first talking to couples about how they manage their finances, she was able to build a better app when Zeta actually launched.

Aditi also gives advice to founders who are just getting started and shares valuable insights and takeaways from her experience building Zeta.

Unable to find episode, please check link.

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