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Ahmad Ibrahim: Building tax automation software

Ahmad Ibrahim is the co-founder and CEO of neo.

About This Episode

Ahmad Ibrahim is the co-founder and CEO of, a startup building tax filing and automation software that streamlines the process of applying for the R&D tax credit. Ahmad’s professional journey took him from studying economics and philosophy to working as a product manager at Intuit, to building his own accounting startups.

In our conversation with Ibrahim we cover:

  • Ibrahim’s background in economics and philosophy
  • How studying philosophy can help you be a better founder
  • Lessons learned from Ibrahim’s first startup, Unleash
  • Ibrahim’s stint as a product manager at Intuit
  • Predicament of accounting and getting the idea for
  • The challenges of building tax automation software
  • Upcoming features on
  • Business model and the customer base of
  • Future of legal and accounting services
  • Ibhrahim’s co-founders and their role distribution
  • Why Capbase isn’t needed in Estonia
  • Advice to first-time founders

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