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About This Episode

Alec Hartman is the CEO and co-founder of Welcome Homes, a startup offering custom-built homes that can be ordered online. Alec has previously built Digital Ocean, a publicly traded company providing cloud infrastructure to help businesses build, deploy and scale applications.

In our conversation with Alec, we cover:

  • Evolution of the startup ecosystem in Miami and Florida
  • The origin story of Welcome Homes
  • Market analysis behind the decision to start building custom-made homes
  • How Welcome Homes work and how does it differ from a traditional home building process
  • How Welcome Homes changes the work of contractors
  • Smart homes and the level of technology that people expect in their homes
  • Housing market in the times of remote work and high-speed internet
  • Regulatory compliance and building a remote-work dedicated home
  • The future of real estate
  • Alec’s startup journey, starting Digital Ocean
  • The benefits of going through Techstars program with Digital Ocean
  • Alec’s three mantras for running a startup

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