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With most companies transitioning to remote environments, we discuss this pivot and some of the major benefits of having a remote workforce. Carlos comes from a family of entrepreneurs and is a repeat startup founder.

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Greg Miaskiewicz: Outside of what you just mentioned, what do you think are some of the major advantages of remote work for a startup?

Carlos N Escutia:
Yeah, no, for sure. I think that the greatest benefit is that obviously you have access to talent that you normally wouldn't have access to. If I had stayed in San Francisco Bay Area where I lived for the past three years, now I'm actually moved down to San Diego, Los Angeles area, it would have been a lot harder to build a team that I've built right now. So we're close to 15 people right now. And so the people that I have access to, I can say with full confidence that two of them are one of the to developers in Mexico. So I wouldn't be able to afford that type of talent in the U.S., right? This is coming back to the cost-benefit.

QUESTION • 0:56 min watch
What are some of the advantages of remote work for startups?
Greg Miaskiewicz: Let's turn to sort of the downsides of remote work, what are the challenges remote teams have?

Carlos N Escutia:
Yeah. I think that something that we found ourselves and something that we read about people and companies are publishing their experiences, that they actually have found the opposite in terms of productivity. It's an interesting situation in that remote work, as it is being currently done, it's not normal remote work, right? You're talking about people that have their kids home running around. They have no school. They may not even have a room enough, space to set up a proper workspace. You're talking about people that live in San Francisco, New York, and all these large cities. And that's the reason, one of the main reasons people are leaving those cities, right?
QUESTION • 1:20 min watch
What are the downsides of remote work?

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