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About This Episode

Cheryl Contee is an entrepreneur, investor, writer, founder of a digital marketing agency Do Big Things and currently the CEO of the Impact Seat Foundation, an organization that aims to level the playing field for women of color who want to become successful business leaders. Over the course of her career Cheryl was also successfull in building Attentive.ly, a social listening and marketing automation startup focused on developing tools for non-profits.

In our conversation with Cheryl we cover:

  • Story of Attentive.ly and how Cheryl got the idea to build it
  • Can developing tools for non-profits be profitable?
  • Building first customer relationships
  • The early days of Attentive.ly, board structure and role distribution
  • First fundraising experiences with Attentive.ly
  • The predicament of fundraising as a female founder of color
  • Lack of investment diversity in the VC world
  • Mission of the Impact Seat Foundation
  • Tips for fist time founders

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Impact Seat Foundation 👉 https://impactseat.org/

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