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Courtney Caldwell: Revolutionizing revenue generation for beauty industry

Courtney Caldwell is the co-founder and COO of ShearShare, a “Hairbnb” startup that helps salon owners maximize their earnings potential by renting out their spaces to beauty industry professionals.

About This Episode

Courtney Caldwell is the COO and co-founder of ShearShare, a “Hairbnb” startup that helps salon owners rent out their spaces to beauty industry professionals. Courtney talks about how she and her husband, who owns a successful salon, came up with the idea for the business after he started renting out empty space in a salon to make extra money. She talks about how she used the platform to build a network of salon owners. She now works in over 10 countries.

In our conversation with Courtney, we talk about:

  • Space as a service, and how ShearShare works
  • Why beauty industry professionals are increasingly becoming solopreneurs
  • Other industries where ShearShare model applies
  • How the idea for ShearShare was born
  • Bias against married co-founders in the VC community
  • Bootstrapping Shearshare
  • Going through 500 Startups batch 19, and getting the first check from an investor
  • Racial and gender inequities in venture capital
  • In’s and out’s of the salon and barbershop business
  • Next steps for ShearShare
  • Future of the beauty industry
  • Interesting companies to watch in the space
  • What is ShearShare looking at when hiring new employees

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