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Dorna Moini: No-code solutions for lawyers

On this episode of Startup Foundations, we chat with Dorna Moini, who is the CEO and founder of Documate, a startup building no-code document solutions for lawyers & law firms.

About This Episode:

Dorna talks about her experience as a lawyer, how she came up with the idea for Documate while doing pro bono work for victims of domestic violence, and how she eventually left her career in law behind to build her company.

Dorna talks about how she met her cofounder Michael Joseph years before they started working together on the product.

Dorna discusses broader trends in the legal services market and how legaltech software can make legal services more accessible in the United States. She shares how Documate evolved from a software tool supporting legal aid organization to a comprehensive no-code platform streamlining data acquisition and contract generation for legal professionals. Dorna also offers words of wisdom to first-time founders and talks about the importance of getting user feedback for your product when building a new product.

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