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About This Episode

Dr. Roshawnna Novellus is the founder and CEO of EnrichHER, a Techstars backed FinTech lending platform that streamlines capital deployment process for individual and institutional investors who want to support businesses led by women and people of color. EnrichHER has been in-market since 2019, deploying $14M in capital to traditional businesses from 47 states.

In our conversation with Roshawnna we cover:

  • Bridging the funding gap for companies led by women and people of color
  • Criteria for getting help from EnrichHER
  • Underwriting process at EnrichHER
  • Roshawnna’s backstory and how she got into entrepreneurship
  • Lending landscape for small businesses
  • Systemic bias against women when it comes to business loans
  • Getting first customers for EnrichHER
  • Different types of financing available through Roshawnna’s company
  • Early days of building the product at EnrichHER
  • What employee traits to look for when hiring
  • How did Roshawnna raise money to build EnrichHER
  • Lessons learned from going through Techstars

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