Capbase and


Capbase has partnered with Founder University to offer a special discount when you form your new company.

Save an extra 10% when starting your company


Incorporate and stay compliant

  • And form a Delaware C corporation. Sign and share contracts with your co-founders.


Raise funds with SAFEs

Create a custom, compliant SAFE 
for each investor.


Manage your cap table

Your cap table automatically updates, so you’re never left in the dark

Incorporate & stay compliant


Form a Delaware corporation

The corporate structure investors expect from startups


Register in 3 business days

We are a licensed registered agent, authorized to make state filings


Create compliant contracts

An investment-grade legal foundation for your startup


Keep your documents safe

A secure data room for all your contracts


Take control of your equity


Purchase founders’ shares

Issue shares to co-founders and set vesting schedules, including 83(b) election


Issue shares to employees

Attract top talent with restricted share & stock option awards


Track ownership in your cap table

Your cap table is automatically updated when you issue equity to employees, consultants & advisors


Raise funds from investors


Issue SAFEs & convertible notes

Track the fundraising process, from generating the contracts to signing and wire transfers


Keep track of how much of your company investors own

Your cap table automatically updates when investments are completed


Breeze through due diligence

Easily export your cap table & document room for review


Save up to $25,000+ on participating 
services when you sign up with Capbase

  • Payroll for Startups

    20% off SaaS fees for the first year when using Deel for payroll & compliance

  • Insurance

    Save up to 25% on business insurance for your startup with Vouch

  • Cloud Computing

    As a Capbase customer, you are eligible for up to $5K in AWS credits

  • Spend Management

    Capbase companies get 25,000 points in statement credit after $1,000 spent

  • Banking

    Streamlined bank account creation on Mercury for Capbase customers

  • Bookkeeping

    Capbase companies get $200 off Pilot first year sign up

  • Marketing + CRM

    Capbase companies get 30% off HubSpot marketing and sales software for the first year, and 15% off ongoing

  • Communication

    Capbase companies get 25% off eligible plan upgrades for 12 months. Terms apply.


What does Capbase do?

We’re the startup that helps other startups start up. Hundreds of startup founders use our platform to manage the legal and financial side of their companies, like incorporating in Delaware, state business registrations, compliance, hiring employees, issuing equity, managing their cap table and raising funds from investors.

What does Capbase cost?

An annual subscription costs $750 per year. (Usually, it's $999 per year, but you get a special discount because you were referred to us by a partner!) The annual price stays the same until you raise a priced round, like your Series A. Startups typically save thousands of dollars by using Capbase, as compared to law firms and other software solutions.

How many seats are included?

As many as you need! We don’t do per seat pricing for new companies. Capbase covers all the setup and ongoing compliance needs of new companies, including hiring contractors and employees, allocating equity to advisors, creating and managing your board of directors, and more.

Can I use Capbase if I am not a US citizen or resident?

Good news – you don’t have to be a US citizen or resident to register a company in the US. The process is the same for overseas founders, but there is typically an increased processing time to get an EIN (employer tax ID number) for your company.