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About This Episode

Henrik Werdelin is a serial entrepreneur and author, who co-founded BarkBox, a subscription-based service providing monthly box of treats and toys for dogs. BarkBox is now called BARK and it is a publicly trading company, after its IPO in June of 2021. Henrik has also started Prehype, a collective of entrepreneurs that builds products and companies through collaboration with corporations and VCs.

In our conversation with Henrik, we talk about:

  • Founding story and the early days of BarkBox
  • Meeting his co-founder for BarkBox on a cruise ship
  • The initial strategy for growing BarkBox
  • Raising capital in the begininng of twenty-tens
  • Investability of subscription-based e-commerce businesses
  • Creative marketing and 4/20 promotions
  • Best dog companion for a founder
  • Role distribution and equity splits in the beginning of BarkBox
  • Increase of startups targeting the pet market
  • Henrik’s book “The Acorn Method”
  • Importance of physical exercise when you’re a founder building a startup
  • Hiring in the early days of a startup
  • Traits of a good startup employee
  • Differences in attitude between US and European startup scenes
  • BarBox turning into BARK and the future of the company after IPO

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