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About This Episode

Jess Lee is the founder and CEO of Bitesize, a startup helping car dealerships communicate with thousands of customers at once. Jess is also an active angel investor working with the Hustle Fund.

In our conversation with Jess we cover:

  • Immigrant activism and getting the idea to build texting tools
  • Why did Jess decide to build software for car dealerships
  • The business model behind Bitesize
  • How did Jess decide on being a solo founder
  • Pros and cons of going it alone
  • Why investors aren’t willing to fund solo founders
  • Investing through Hustle Fund
  • Female founders, and women in the VC world
  • Coffee, donuts, and the early days of Bitesize
  • Raising first investor money for Bitesize
  • Jess’s background and her journey to becoming a startup founder
  • Tips for first-time founders

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Bitesize 👉 https://bitesize.co/

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