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About This Episode

Kerry Schrader is the CEO and co-founder of Mixtroz, a mobile app boosting event engagement by helping attendees make virtual and in-person connections. Kerry is the 37th black female founder to ever raise a $1M+ in a venture-backed pre-seed round.

In our conversation with Kerry, we cover:

  • What is Mixtroz, how it works, and what stage is Kerry’s company at
  • Building Mixtroz in the midst of pandemic
  • Kerry’s background as an HR executive and how she decided to become a founder
  • Mixtroz origin story and how Kerry got the idea to build the app
  • How Mixtroz is being used on gatherings of 50-50,000 people
  • Other potential use cases for Mixtroz
  • Finding developers to build the product and the process of building Mixtroz as a non-technical founder
  • Getting the first customers and feedback about the product from the HR community
  • Mixtroz building in a niche that was overlooked
  • Kerry’s experiences with fundraising and startup accelerators
  • Startup ecosystem at Birmingham, Alabama
  • The evolution of the funding ecosystem, and why certain things get funded more than others

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