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Luke Deka: Solving lead gen for SMBs, Polish startups

This time on Startup Foundations we speak with Luke Deka, the CEO and co-founder of Growbots, a Polish startup building software to automate outbound email outreach and streamline lead generation for SMBs.

About This Episode

Luke Deka is the CEO and co-founder of Growbots, a Polish startup building an all-in-one outbound sales platform to streamline the way companies can reach their potential customers.

In our conversation with Luke, we cover:

  • How Growbots is trying to solve lead generation for SMBs
  • The origin story of Growbots
  • Evolution of Growbots’ product and how it came full circle
  • The importance of pricing your product the right way
  • The evolution of the startup ecosystem in Poland
  • How to run a US startup from Poland
  • The challenges of running an international startup
  • Interesting startups coming out of Poland
  • Luke’s take on picking the right co-founder
  • Getting first customers for Growbots
  • The experience of going through 500 Startups accelerator in SF
  • Trying out different fundraising strategies
  • Traits to look for when hiring employees for a startup

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