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About This Episode

Melissa Pancoast is the founder and CEO of The Beans, an app helping people manage their finances in stressfree way. Melissa actually started her career as a teacher, but eventually left that behind to study how people think and feel about money at Oxford. Partially as a result of the she ended up starting The Beans, which is aimed to simplify financial management for middle-class Americans.

In our conversation with Melissa, we talk about:

  • Why Melissa’s startup is called The Beans
  • How is The Beans different from other finance management solutions in the space
  • How Melissa’s studies at Oxford influenced the idea behind her company
  • Melissa’s co-founder experiences, and going through a “co-founder break-up”
  • What’s next for The Beans
  • Market research and acquiring first users for The Beans
  • Why is dealing with finances is often challenging to people
  • The real issue behind what personal fin-tech is trying to solve
  • Melissa’s experiences with fundraising

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