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Natalie Barbu: Software tools for influencers and content creators

Natalie Barbu is the co-founder and CEO of Rella, a startup building software to help influencers and content creators manage and expand their business.

About This Episode

Natalie Barbu is the co-founder and CEO of Rella, a software application helping influencers and companies manage and expand their network.

In our conversation with Natalie, we cover:

  • How idea for Rella came about, and Natalie’s background as content creator
  • How content creators manage their sponsorships
  • The startup ecosystem in Miami
  • Landscape of marketing tools offered by different social media platforms
  • Analytics on influencer marketing platforms
  • Evolution, growth and the future of influencer marketing
  • Natalie’s co-founders and how she met them
  • Rella’s launch and plans for fundraising
  • Natalie’s experiences with pitching Rella to investors

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