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About This Episode

Richard White is a serial entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Fathom and previously User Voice, a company founded back in 2007 that provided a better way of understand and managing user feedback. Richard’s current company is a Y-Combinator backed startup, building a free app that records, transcribes & highlights Zoom calls.

In our conversation with Richard, we cover:

  • What Richard is working on with Fathom Video
  • Richard’s startup journey, working on Kiko with Justin Kan and Emmet Shear, early Y Combinator days, starting User Voice
  • Selling Kiko on eBay for quarter million dollars
  • Finding a co-founder for User Voice on Craigslist
  • Role distribution between co-founders in User Voice
  • Building User Voice: MVP, incorporating, raising the first check
  • The experience of doing Y Combinator as a repeat founder
  • How the idea for Fathom came about and what are its use cases
  • Risks of building a product that is dedicated to one platform
  • Advice to first-time founders

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