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Sahin Boydas: Streamlining remote work for international teams

Sahin Boydas is a serial entrepreneur, born in the US, grew up in Turkey, who most recently founded RemoteTeam, a startup building software for remote hiring and international payroll.

About This Episode

Sahin Boydas is a serial entrepreneur and most recently the CEO and founder of RemoteTeam, a startup building tools for remote hiring and international payroll that was acquired by Gusto back in 2021.

In our conversation with Sahin we cover:

  • Sahin’s entrepreneurial background and first businesses
  • The aftermath of the Gusto acquisition
  • How pre-existing conditions influenced Sahin’s idea to build an international payroll solution
  • How partnerships can turn into acquisitions
  • Sahin’s interest in technology and how it started
  • Building an ecommerce website for used phones in Turkey while only 17 years old
  • Sahin’s businesses in Turkey and coming to Silicon Valley
  • Building the first business in the US (MovieLaLa) and selling to GfyCat
  • Sahin’s tips on hiring for early-stage startups
  • Raising first money for startups
  • Differences in startup funding between US and Turkey
  • Skillset of a successful founder

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