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Viola Llewellyn: Building Sharia-compliant fintech products

Viola Llewellyn is the president and co-founder of Ovamba Solutions, a fintech startup working on financing products for the trade and commodities sectors in Africa and other developing markets.

About This Episode

Viola Llewellyn is the president and co-founder of Ovamba Solutions, an award-winning fintech platform designed to support the trade and commodities sector development in Africa. Ovamba is an ecosystem that helps African businesses with short term financing and enables sharia compliant funding structures.

In our conversation with Viola, we cover:

  • Startup ecosystem and investors in the DC area
  • Origin story and the evolution of Ovamba
  • Intricacies of financing commodities market in Africa
  • Building unique data sets based on inventory and assets movement
  • Ovamba’s customer profile
  • Expanding Ovamba into other continents
  • Ovamba as a digitized Islamic finance solution
  • Bblockchain’s role in disrupting the commodities market in developing countries
  • Viola on meeting her co-founder Marvin Cole
  • Getting the first users for Ovamba
  • First fundraising experiences with Ovamba
  • Ideas for making the startup ecosystem more inclusive
  • Tips for first time founders

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