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Superhumans Of Capbase

All about the people behind Capbase. We are a team of smart, humble, collaborative and curious people who want to reinvent the founder experience and make it easier for anyone to start a startup the right way. Learn about our employees and what it's like to work at Capbase.
Vlad, our Head of Design walks us through how good design is made and what it's like working at Capbase to redesign the founder experience.
Capbase StaffBy Capbase Staff • 5 min read
Our co-founder Stefan shares insights about his career from Full Tilt to Capbase and why he's helping founders launch their startups
Capbase StaffBy Capbase Staff • 5 min read
We talked with Nika about his role at Capbase, remote work and the product we're building for founders
Capbase StaffBy Capbase Staff • 3 min read
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Meet one of Capbase's superhumans, James Hottensen is our Partnerships Manager and has more than 6 years in the VC community
Capbase StaffBy Capbase Staff • 5 min read
Serial entrepreneur Greg Miaskiewicz chats about creating a startup to help startups incorporate, issue stocks and manage cap tables.
Capbase StaffBy Capbase Staff • 7 min read

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