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Fundraising Tactics For Founders

Practical advice from successful Silicon Valley startup founders on how to raise funds from investors from your startup. We focus heavily on founders who are just getting started and raising their angel, pre-seed or seed rounds of capital. First time founders make a lot of critical mistakes when they first pitch investors. Learn how to avoid these common startup fundraising mistakes and close the deal with VCs when you pitch your startup idea.

Venture Debt Financing For Startups

Venture debt financing can give your company access to working capital, while minimizing share dilution. Learn the ins and outs with our complete guide.

Capbase Staffby Capbase Staff • 10 min read

How do SAFEs and Convertible Notes Convert in a Priced Round

Learn everything you need to know about selling SAFEs and convertible notes

Capbase Staffby Capbase Staff • 10 min read

How Does Equity Crowdfunding Work?

Learn how to use equity crowdfunding to raise money for your startup.

Capbase Staffby Capbase Staff • 7 min read
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What is a Startup Syndicate and How Does it Work?

Learn how startup syndicates work, who creates startup syndicates, and the pros and cons of raising funds through startup syndicates.

Greg Miaskiewiczby Greg Miaskiewicz • 10 min read

How Do Venture Capitalists Make Money?

James Hottensen explores the origins of Venture Capital and how VC's make money on each investment. Portfolio construction and logic is also covered with quotes from top-tier venture capitalists from the United States.

James Hottensenby James Hottensen • 7 min read

Startup Fundraising: Key Differences Between SAFEs and Convertible Notes

The SAFE has become more popular as a way of financing early stage startups since its creation in 2013. But convertibles notes are still used by investors around the world. We break down key differences between SAFEs and convertible notes.

James Hottensenby James Hottensen • 6 min read

The Do's and Don'ts of Investor Pitches

Learn common mistakes to avoid when pitching your startup to investors.

James Hottensenby James Hottensen • 7 min read

Should I Join a Startup Accelerator?

Accelerators can play a huge part in your startup's growth. Here's how to choose the right accelerator for your startup.

Stefan Nageyby Stefan Nagey • 7 min read

Raising Funds For Your Startup: Venture Capital, Venture Debt and Non-Dilutive Funding

What is the right capital source for your startup? Learn about the different types of startup capital, such as venture capital, venture debt and non-dilutive funding.

Greg Miaskiewiczby Greg Miaskiewicz • 5 min read

How to Use Twitter Effectively to Raise Money For Your Startup

Twitter is an amazing platform for fundraising outreach when used effectively. Read this article and learn how to connect with investors on Twitter

James Hottensenby James Hottensen • 7 min read

How Do Venture Capitalists Make Investment Choices?

Before you seek VC funding for your startup, you should know what venture capital firms are looking for when deciding to invest in a startup.

James Hottensenby James Hottensen • 7 min read

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