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All about how to manage your startup's cap table, from incorporation to your first financing to managing your employee stock option pool as you scale your company. We cover topics including 409A valuations, dilution, employee vesting and more.

What is Stock Dilution?

When a company authorizes new stock, the value of existing stock is reduced. Here's the why and how.

Capbase Staffby Capbase Staff • 7 min read

5 Cap Table Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure you avoid the most common mistakes founders make when setting up their cap tables. Some of these issues can create major problem later on, including turning off potential investors.

Capbase Staffby Capbase Staff • 7 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Cap Tables for Startup Founders

Most founders have little clue about how cap tables work when they start their first startup. Keeping accurate records of your cap table is essential for startup founders if they plan on raising capital from VCs or selling the company.

Greg Miaskiewiczby Greg Miaskiewicz • 8 min read
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How Startup Equity Works: Common and Preferred Share Classes

Startups typically issue common shares to founders, employees, advisors and consultants; they issue preferred shares to investors as part of venture financing rounds The preferred class of stock in a startup is typically subdivided into series, each representing a different round of financing, like Series A, Series B, and so on.

James Hottensenby James Hottensen • 3 min read

Par Value & FMV: How To Price Your Startup's Common Shares

Just getting your startup incorporated? Find out how to price your company's common shares and learn how the fair market value (FMV) of common shares changes as your company grows.

Stefan Nageyby Stefan Nagey • 8 min read

How Does a Startup Option Pool Work?

Learn how startup stock option pools work and how to use equity compensation to recruit key employees to join your team.

Greg Miaskiewiczby Greg Miaskiewicz • 7 min read

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