Our Partnership With Pilot

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Capbase is partnering up with Pilot!

Accounting for technology companies requires a different set of skills than for traditional businesses. That is why we have partnered with Pilot to make sure that every Capbase customer has access to best-in-class accounting services at a startup-friendly rate.

We try to do our best to get you on the right foot with things like incorporation and employee stock plans, but we are not experts in managing a company’s day to day accounting needs.

That is what Pilot specializes in: Pilot eliminates the need to hire a CFO early in the lifecycle of your startup, which means more money available for you to spend on building and selling your product.

Pilot CEO, Waseem Daher, explains the thesis behind Pilot:

“The two insights that underpin the Pilot thesis are: (1) a lot of the finance work wants to be done in software, and if you’re smart about building the right things, you can do the work more accurately than anyone else, and (2) no one actually wants to buy accounting software — what they want is a trusted partner who will get the job done for them.

So with Pilot we basically set out to build the service we wish existed: a high-quality external finance provider that can help you with bookkeeping, tax prep, CFO services, R&D credit, you name it — so that you can focus on running your business.”

Pilot also offers additional services like annual budgeting, ongoing financial support, pitch assessment, fundraising strategy, and more. Some of the best technology companies in the world partner with Pilot to prepare their books, like Stripe, Gusto, Oracle, Shopify, and Square.

Capbase customers receive $200 off when they sign up for Pilot to handle their startup accounting & bookkeeping.

If you are not a Capbase customer but are looking to learn more about what Capbase does and how we can help you build your startup, book a meeting with a team member here!

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